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The Poly Longboat Dolphin 6.2 is made out of Polyethylene (PE). The nature of PE is durable, long lasting, and is a high impact resistant material, which makes this boat virtually unbreakable. The ‘Longboat’ design gives a smoother, quieter and more stable ride making it suitable for both recreational and commercial applications. PE is 100% recyclable and environmental friendly.
Polyethylene will offer you the following benefits:
  • Unsinkable, it is lighter than water, as the density of the material is less than 1.
  • Durability, the material has a five times larger impact strength than fiberglass, which makes it almost unbreakable.
  • The material absorbs impact providing a softer and smoother ride. (The Longboat design also contributes to a softer, quieter more comfortable ride)
  • It resists against osmosis completely.
  • Practically maintenance free.
  • The material is highly UV resistant.
  • The color of the hull is bonded in the material.
  • The vessel should not require anti-fouling
The Poly Longboat is available with centre console or tiller steer and can be easily customised to suit your requirements.
Technical Specifications
Length overall: 6.20 m
Maximum Passengers: 8 persons/600 kg
Beam overall: 1.85 m
Maximum Horse Power: 70 hp (out board )
Height: 0.80 m
Hull type : Planning Hull
Draft / Displacement: 0.3 m/1450 kg
Environment: Fresh and salt water
Standard hull weight (including seats): 530 kg
Operating Temperature: -5° C ~ 70° C
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Mobile: 041 871 5046
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